Google Streetview Panorama-Timelapse-Video aus den Rohdaten plus Panorama-Videoloops

(Youtube Direktgoogle, via DigitalUrban)

(Youtube Direktblackrock, via DigitalUrban)

Hier zwei ziemlich interessante Panorama-Videos: Oben ein Timelapse-Clip aus den Rohdaten einer viertägigen Tour mit einem von Googles Streetview-Autos, darunter zu einem Panorama zusammengefügte Videoloops vom Black Rock City 2007 Kunstfestival in Nevada. Hier die darin gezeigten Objekte, mehr Bilder vom „Big Rig Jig“ gibt's hier:

BRC 2007 Panoramic Video Loops Guide:

1. Art tour departing near Center Camp, with a close-up of Fata Morgana by Orion Fredericks.

2. Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross.

3. Steampunk Treehouse by Sean Orlando. On the horizon is the Critical Tits procession.

4. Center Camp in the afternoon, in a lull during a long and amazing whiteout! You can see how windy it is, and it's still quite dusty as visibility doesn't extend far beyond Center Camp.

5. Homouroboros by Peter Hudson, at rest during the day, with intermittent dusty swells visible in the distance.

6. The 2nd Man, sans head, probably on Thursday afternoon. In the foreground, Kinetic Wind Sculptures by David Boyer.

7. Tasseograph: The Trash TeaHouse Temple by Shrine and TukTuk. In the distance, the Temple of Forgiveness.

8. Temple of Forgiveness by by David Best and Tim Dawson.

9. Crude Awakening by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Black Rock FX, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith, Mark Perez and MonkeyBoy. On Sunday after the big event -- the pile of wooden rubble is all that remains of the 90' oil derrick.

10. The double rainbow from Center Camp.

11. The center of Center Camp in the middle of the night.