N.A.S.A. „A Volta“ (feat. homophobes Riesenarschloch Sizzla, Amanda Blank, & Lovefoxxx)

(Youtube DirektNASA, via IFMV)

Das neue Video von N.A.S.A. ist voller Sex und Gewalt von Pappkameraden in isometrischer Perspektive. Ich finde das Video ja spektakulärer als den Song, but that's just me. BoingBoing hat ein Interview mit Alexei Tylevich, dem Macher des Videos:

[Q] XENI JARDIN / BOING BOING VIDEO: When I was struggling to explain your "A Volta" video to others, I found myself referring to it as an "8-bit narco nightmare." What's the story we're seeing here?

[A] ALEXEI TYLEVICH / LOGAN: I hope that the "narrative" is not taken too seriously. It wasn't meant to be a great "story" but just another structural device to keep the viewer occupied. It's a music track with a "plot" thinly stretched over it. I thought it might be clever to turn this video into a mini-film with a semblance of a plot. A plot that has the same level of strategically naive incompetence and misdirected energy that is implied in the work of Date Farmers.

At first there was no plot, just a setting: an isometric metropolis inhabited by deranged inhabitants, full of senseless violence and anarchy. Then it sort of evolved into a semblance of a story. We started imagining what these characters could do and the plot sort of developed on its own, little by little.

BB Video: "A VOLTA" from NASA Project: Narco-Cholo Game Ultraviolence

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