Julian Lennon hilft kranker Lucy „In The Sky“

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Julian Lennon kümmert sich um die an einer unheilbaren Krankheit erkrankten Lucy O’Donnell, mit der er im Kindergarten war und die die „Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“ war. Er hatte damals eine Zeichnung von ihr in Space angefertigt und als Papa John ihn fragte, wer das sei, sagte Julian: „Lucy in the sky with diamonds“. Heraus kam ein Song für die Ewigkeit.

MORE than 40 years after John Lennon wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, his son has gone to the help of the real Lucy, who is now suffering from an incurable disease.

Lucy O’Donnell, who was at nursery school in Surrey with Julian Lennon, became “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes” as the subject of one of the Beatles’ most famous songs, written at the height of their flirtation with psychedelia.

Julian had drawn a picture with starlike shapes before telling his father that it was “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”.

Julian Lennon comforts ailing Lucy in the sky (via Arbroath)