Sex Galaxy, President Wolfman: „Green Movies“ aus recycelten Public Domain-Filmen

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Stag Films aus Los Angeles machen Filme aus alten Z-Filmen, die nie für das amerikanische Copyright angemeldet wurden (großer Unterschied zum deutschen Urheberrecht übrigens), dabei kommt dann so herrlicher Quatsch wie „President Wolfman“ und „Sex Galaxy“ (Myspace) heraus. Oben zwei Trailer zu „Sex Galaxy“, hier der Trailer zu „President Wolfman“ und hier die ersten sieben Minuten daraus.

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Snip von Underwire:


Sex Galaxy, which its makers call the world’s first “green” film, is also a blue movie. A feature-length mashup of copyright-free stock footage, the campy sci-fi comedy splices together strippers, Martians, rocket ships and robots into a semi-coherent romp.

Sex Galaxy director/producer Mike Davis, who collects old movies, said his film is 100 percent recycled. “The cheesy B-movies I love to cannibalize were never properly copyrighted,” he told in an e-mail interview.

The burlesque queens and ’50s sci-fi straight-arrows in the semi-NSFW Sex Galaxy trailer (embedded above) are a hoot, though watching the entire 78-minute opus — a crazy-quilt mashup of bouncing boobs, herky-jerky robots and hygiene films culled from the public domain, overlaid with a nonstop string of dirty jokes — would probably be more entertaining if you sneaked a flask of Saurian brandy into the theater.

Sex Galaxy Recycles Vintage Porn, Sci-Fi for Blue-Green Film