Bladerunner-Prequels als Web-Serie unter CC-Lizenz


Ridley Scott, Regisseur von „Blade Runner“, arbeitet an Sorta-Prequels in Form von kurzen fünf- bis zehnminütigen Clips, die in Form einer Webserie namens „Purefold“ Themen des Films aufgreifen sollen. Die Figuren aus dem Original sollen nicht vorkommen, es ist eine Online-Serie „inspired by Blade Runner“. Das besondere: Die Serie wird unter CC-Lizenz stehen und User sollen die Clips remixen und online stellen, was dem ganzen eine ganz eigene Dynamik verpassen könnte. Willkommen im 21. Jahrhundert, Film.

On Thursday the film’s director, Ridley Scott, announced that a new division of his commercials company, RSA Films, was working on a video series called “Purefold.” The series of linked 5- to 10-minute shorts, aimed first at the Web and then perhaps television, will be set at a point in time before 2019, when the Harrison Ford movie takes place in a dystopian Los Angeles.

Mr. Scott, his brother Tony and his son Luke are developing the project in conjunction with the independent studio Ag8, which is run by one of the creators of “Where are the Joneses?” a British Web sitcom that solicited storyline suggestions from the audience. Similarly, “Purefold” will harvest story input from its viewers, in conjunction with the social media site FriendFeed.

Web Series Tied to ‘Blade Runner’ Is In the Works, Ridley Scott to Use BY-SA for Blade Runner Web Series (via Upload)