GM Crashtests aus den 60s

(Youtube Direkt, via Minds Delight)

Ich finde diese Crashtests von GM aus den 60s ja äußerst passend im Moment aus irgendeinem Grund. Vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, dass die schon damals mit Hybrid-Autos experimentierten, die Idee dann aber wieder verwarfen. Gestern haben sie dafür die Quittung bekommen. Snip von Retro Thing:

A vintage GM ad enthused, "It's got an Opel body. But it's powered by electricity. The power plant consists of 14 conventional lead-acid batteries that you could buy down at the corner. The energy from the batteries is transferred to an electric motor which in turn drives the rear wheels. And the car can tool along at speeds of up to 55 miles an hour.

While the car's running, the batteries are constantly recharged by a small Stirling engine in the rear. It's so quiet that you can hardly tell whether it's on or off. And since the Stirling is an external combustion engine, the exhaust has no odor and pollution levels can be made very low."

1969: GM's Clever Hybrid Was Decades Ahead Of Its Time