Video einer alten Kluge Druckmaschine feat. Radiohead

(Vimeo Direktkluge, via KFMW)

Ich liebe dieses Video einer uralten Druckmaschine namens Kluge, die heute noch in Nick Sambratos Druckerei „Mama's Sauce“ in Florida benutzt wird. Und dazu noch Radioheads „House of Cards“. Snip von Vimeo:

Meet the Kluge letterpress. An 2,000 pound, cast iron, electric powered monstrosity of vacillating rods, giant spinning wheels and pneumatic hoses. The Kluge is Nick's weapon of choice in his battle against the future.
So why does Nick use the Kluge? A clearly outdated, cumbersome and obsolete machine? The same reason any craftsman uses any tool: for the quality of the finished product. A letterpress offers a tangible, three-dimensional look and feel to the printed image that no other technology can replicate.

Let Nick take you on a trip back in time as he runs through the process of turning an ordinary piece of paper stock into work of art.