Auszeichnung für Ralph McQuarrie, Concept-Artist von Star Wars


Die CGSociety hat Ralph McQuarrie, dem Concept Artist hinter den ersten Designs für Star Wars, mit einem Preis ausgezeichnet und aus diesem Anlass ein kurzes Interview geführt. Sein größter Einfluß war wohl Syd Mead, dem Retrofuturism-Designer hinter Bladerunner und Johnny 5.

McQuarrie studied at the Art Center College of Design in California where he met a fellow traveler in Syd Mead. Though in a competitive field, he didn't see himself competing with other artists: "I looked at Syd Mead's stuff and how do you help but feel a bit intimidated? I liked his stuff from the very start. It always made me want to do better work, but it was inspiration, not competition. I think there's a difference."

In 1972 Ralph was approached by Hal Barwood to produce visualizations for a science-fiction movie project he was undertaking with his friend Matthew Robbins called 'Galaxy'. It just so happened that Hal and Matthew had another friend who was interested in getting his science-fiction movie off the ground, so when George Lucas saw the drawings he met with McQuarrie and explained his vision for a space-fantasy film.

Awarding of the EXPOSÉ 7 Grand Master to renowned Star Wars concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie (via Star Wars Blog)

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