Der Untergang-Remix mit Copyright-Botschaft

(Youtube Direktcopyright, via BoingBoing)

Wunderbar: Ein weiterer Remix dieser einen Szene aus „Der Untergang“ mit Copyright- und Fair-Use-Thema. Hitler als Copyright-Verfechter, völlig brillant und fantastisch. Kommt von EFFs Brad Templeton, auf seiner Website mehr Infos, zum Beispiel über die Odyssee, das Video in legalem Rahmen zu produzieren, also gemäß der amerikanischen Fair Use-Regelung. Die Tags „Hitler“ und „Copyright“, endlich vereint. Snip:

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have probably seen a parody clip that puts new subtitles on a scene of Hitler ranting and raving from the 2004 German movie Downfall (Der Untergang). Some of these videos have gathered millions of views, with Hitler complaining about how he’s been banned from X-box live, or nobody wants to go to Burning Man, or his new camera sucks. The phenomenon even rated a New York Times article.

It eventually spawned meta-parodies, where Hitler would rant about how many Hitler videos were out on the internet, or how they sucked. I’ve seen at least 4 of these. Remarkably, one of them, called Hitler is a Meme was pulled from YouTube by the studio, presumably using a DMCA takedown. A few others have also been puled, though many remain intact. (More on that later.)

Of course, I had to do my own.

Hitler tries a DMCA takedown