Fotografie von Saddams Palästen


Richard Moose war im Irak und hat Saddam Husseins verlassene Paläste fotografiert, die jetzt als Stützpunkte der US-Armee dienen. Die Bilder strahlen eine sehr strange Atmosphäre aus, BLDGBLOG (bei dem ich immer an eine disemvowelte Version des Bildblogs denken muss) hat ein Interview mit Moose.

BLDGBLOG: Beyond the most obvious reasons—for instance, there's a war going on—why did you go to Iraq? Was there something in particular that you were hoping to see?

Mosse: I had heard plenty about Saddam's palaces. They were the focus of the International Atomic Energy Association's tedious investigations in the years preceding the invasion, and the news was always full of delegations being turned away from this or that palace. Why were we so keen to get inside Saddam's palaces? Because he built so many—81 in total. Surely, we thought, he must be hiding something in those palace complexes. Surely he must be building subterranean particle accelerators. And, in the end, our curiosity got the better of us.

In fact, Saddam was building palaces in every city as an expression of his authority. Palace architecture in Iraq served as a constant reminder of Saddam's immanence. A palace in your city simply fed the sense that Saddam was not just nearby—he was everywhere. Saddam was omnipresent.

Richard Mooses „Breach“-Projekt, Interview mit Moose auf BLDGBLOG