Zephyr – Interview mit einem der ersten Graffiti-Künstler

(Youtube Direkt, via Wooster)

Hier ein schönes Interview mit Zephyr, einem der ersten Graffiti-Künstler überhaupt. Snip von Wikipedia:

He began creating graffiti in 1975 and first signed using the name "Zephyr" in 1977. He has been identified as a graffiti "elder", who along with Futura 2000, Blade, PHASE 2, Lady Pink and TAKI 183 invented styles and standards "that continue to be used and expanded upon today".

Much of Zephyr's original work was applied on subway trains. Mr. Witten has commented on this period of his work:

"We felt we understood the trains more than the Transit Authority. Teenagers were running the system. We decided when, where, how much we wrote. Graffiti showed that the Transit Authority was not in control."