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Toilet-themed Horror-Novel gedruckt auf Toilettenpapier


Koji Suzuki, Autor der Buchvorlage zu „The Ring“ lässt seinen neuen Horror-Roman, dessen Handlung dem Geschehen auf einer Toilette folgt, auf Toilettenpapier drucken. Ich glaube aber nicht wirklich, dass die Geschichte deshalb schon für’n Arsch ist. (<-- musste sein, konnte ich mir nicht verkneifen, war viel zu offensichtlich, aber der musste raus, ging nicht anders, tut mir leid.)

Suzuki’s no hack writer by the way – his previous credits include horror novels Ring and Spiral, both later made into popular Japanese horror films. His latest endeavor, Drop, is a nine-chapter horror story that happens to be set in a public bathroom.

According to Hayashi Paper, reading Suzuki’s novel in a similar setting will invest what should be a relaxing experience with „psychological fright“. Say Hayashi, isn’t that what laxatives are for?

The novel itself is printed in Japanese and interspersed with gory splatters meant to evoke blood, not exactly the thing we want to see on our toilet paper. At least they’re blue – which actually might be worse.

Horror-themed Toilet Paper from Japan Puts You on the Edge of Your Seat (via MonstersandRockets)