Intellectual Property Asshole Competition


1. Shepard „Obey Giant“ Fairy malt ein Obama-Bild nach einem Foto von Mannie Garcia, sendet aber selbst Copyright-Bullshit-Briefe durch seine Anwälte an andere Streetartists.

2. AP schickt Copyright-Bullshit-Briefe durch seine Anwälte an Shepard Fairy.

3. Evan Roth malt Bilder nach Shepard Fairys abgemaltem Bild und nach Mannie Garcias Foto von Obama, bietet beide Bilder auf seiner Website zum Kauf an und ruft die Intellectual Property Asshole Competition aus: Der erste, der einen Copyright-Bullshit-Brief schickt, gewinnt.

Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole? Is it the artist who has amassed a small fortune based on "appropriation" yet still sends cease and desist letters to other artists for appropriating his work?

Or is it the largest (and only) US based nationally-oriented news service which fails to recognize "fair use" even when it literally stares them in the face?

I have created hand painted canvases of Shepard Fairy's Obama Hope poster, and Mannie Garcia's Associated Press photograph and put them for sale on my website here and here.

The first person to send me a cease and desist notice wins!

Intellectual Property Asshole Competition (via Waxy)