Gonzpiration: Gonzales spielt grade das längste Konzert der Welt

17.05.2009 Misc Music #Live

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Suparrr schreibt mir: „Wollte nur kurz Bescheid geben, dass man auf Ustream den Weltrekordversuch von Gonzales bestaunen kann, indem er versucht, den Weltrekord für den längsten Live-Gig einer Person zu brechen (28 h). Das Ganze läuft noch circa 10 Stunden.“ Snip von Ustream:


Beginning at 23:30 on Saturday May 16th and through 4:00 Monday May 18th, Gonzales will attempt to break the Guiness World Record for longest concert by a solo artist. The previous record is 26 hours and 12 minutes and was performed by Prasanna Gudi (India) at the Mallikarjun Mansoor Kala Bhavan public auditorium, Dharwad, Karnataka, India from 28 to 29 December 2008.

Gonzales explains his motivation: "I will do this to push my muscial and physical stamina. I believe music is part art, part athletics and this 27-hour concert will demonstrate both aspects."

Gonzpiration: World Record Attempt in Paris

[UPDATE] Mission fullfilled:

A Canadian musician, Gonzales, has broken the world record for the longest-ever solo concert after he succeeded in playing the piano for a gruelling 27 hours, three minutes and 44 seconds.

The 37-year-old musician overtook the Guinness record-holder Prasanna Gudi of India who made history by playing raga for 26 hours and 12 minutes in December.

Gonzales took the stage at midnight on Sunday at a small theatre in Montmartre, Paris, seated at his upright piano next to a large digital clock tracking his marathon performance.

Pianist sets world record with 27-hour concert (via Arbroath)