Musicvideo für Harmonic 313s „Battlestar“ is full of stereoscopic Weirdness

(Warp DirektStereoscopic, via BBGadgets)

Video von den Motion-Designern Sixty40 mit wissenschaftlichem Hintergrund, Snip von ihrer Website, wo es das Ding auch in HighRes gibt:

Scientific Background
a. The human head uses 2 eyes to it's advantage in a number of ways. Apart from giving you a spare in case one gets plucked out, it also uses it's binocular vision to feed 3 dimensional information to the brain to help it out with judging distances, locations and speeds. In video, if you can trick the brain into sensing this "binocular fusion" aka stereopsois by blending 2 views into one moment in time.
b. The parasitic Horsehair worm aka Nematomorpha aka the Spinochordodes tellinii lives in it's grasshopper host and, once the worm is ready to reproduce, makes it's host thirsty by some chemical trickery. The host dutifully goes to the waters edge, at which point the parasite spring forth from it's body into the stream to find a mate, leaving the grasshopper dead. So too does our b-boy head to the roof of a tall building to send off new parasitic ships.
c. when space ships finally attack earth, we will not notice them until it's too late.

The Technique
Shot stereoscopically (i.e. on 2 identical cameras separated in space to mimic 2 eyes) the clip uses a flicking technique that was inspired by 2 frame animations of 3D photos.