Lunch Bag Art: Unicorns! Vader teaching Batman!



Den Herrn Lunch Bag Art, der seinen Kinden Irma, Dana und Dylan jeden Tag die Tüte, in denen sie ihre Brote mit in die Schule nahmen, bemalt, hatte ich schonmal im November letzten Jahres (Vorher auf Nerdcore: Lunch Bag Art). Seit dem hat sich einiges getan. Unicorns! Vader teaching Batman! Holy!

Who would win? Batman or Vader? The rules:

1. Each combatant knows about the other’s abilities

2. The arena is an abandoned shopping mall. Neither combatant is aware of the other’s location when the fight starts.

3. The battle ends when one combatant is unable to fight. Running away is a defeat.

Hier eine Antwort aus den Comments:

As badass as Batman is, I think Vader wins this one on account of the light saber. When Batman takes people down, it's usually in hand to hand combat, and, well, we all know what Vader does to people's hands/arms.

The light saber defeats Batman's armor and superior strength. The filtration system in his mask defeats any possible gas attack.

The only way Batman wins is if he is able to get the drop on Vader, which is Batman's specialty, and seemingly pretty possible in your scenario.

So, head to head combat, Vader wins on account of the light saber. Batman wins if he can jump Vader early and gain control of the light saber.

EDIT: Totally forgot about Vader's command of the Force. I think that would likely enable him to sense the Bat coming, and Force-choke the crap out of him.

Lunch Bag Art (via IheartPluto)