Graffiti goes White House

So kann's gehen: Betreibe ein Weblog über Graffiti und Street Art und eines Tages landest Du im Weißen Haus. Die Obama Administration hat ungefähr 60 Kunst- und Streetart-Organisationen eingeladen, unter anderem die Betreiber von Wooster Collective.

Yesterday, along with about sixty amazing organizations who are committed to grassroots arts initiatives, we met with various officials in the Obama Administration, to listen and learn what the administration was thinking in regards to the Arts, to ask questions, and then to participate in working sessions on issues that we felt passionate about. (Ours was the need to better understand the issues around public and private space)


The amazing thing we found out yesterday is that there are people working directly for Obama who get it. We know this not from what they said, but from the diversity of their backgrounds.

Yes, there are indeed graffiti artists working in The White House!

Wooster In The White House - An Explanation