Supersophisticated Graffitis

08.05.2009 Misc #Graffiti

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Deputy Dog hat ein paar fantastische Beispiele von supersophisticated Graffitis, die Beispiele oben stammen von Ma'Claim.

a huge amount of people don't realise just how artistically and technically incredible graffiti can be these days, and a depressingly large section of society still believe this kind of street art consists purely of text and tags, crudely sprayed onto public toilet walls. after seeing a piece by belin here in manchester, i've spent the past year or so pretty much addicted to the subject of photorealistic graffiti (aka graffoto), whether it be on walls, floors or canvas, and thought i'd point you in the direction of some incredible artists and collectives.

Graffoto: photorealistic graffiti to make you drool