Marilyn Minters Makrovideo von Models mit langen Zungen

(Youtube Direktzunge, via Buzzfeed)

Für ihr neues Projekt „Green Pink Caviar“ hat Marilyn Minter Makrofotos von Models geschossen, die grade Zeugs von einer Scheibe ablecken. Mehr durch Zufall kam ein Assistent auf die Idee, das ganze zu filmen und herausgekommen ist Modelzungenscheibenfoodporn. Snip von der Projektwebsite:

I was shooting stills of models with long tongues swirling and sucking bakery products from under a pane of glass. I wanted to make enamel paintings along the idea of 'painting with my tongue'. My makeup artist shot some short videos during the shoot just to see how it would look. The low definition videos looked so good that we made plans to do a professional high definition video. This made sense to me as I have made both billboards and produced a commercial advertising a painting show in 1989.

Green Pink Caviar