Liste mit Filmszenen, in denen Frauen Schuhe verlieren

Unter Umständen ist diese Liste als Gegenposition zur weiblichen Schuhobsession gedacht, vielleicht ist es auch nur die Onlineversion eines ausgewachsenen Fußfetischs, wahrscheinlich ist es aber einfach nur ein Liste mit Filmszenen, in denen Frauen Schuhe verlieren. Das Internet ist jetzt komplett.


Night of the Living Dead (1968): Character played by Judith O'Dea, while fleeing from a zombie in the cemetery, falls and loses one shoe. Before getting up, she kicks the other shoe off and runs. She is seen for, maybe an hour or more of the movie, in her stocking-feet. “Kinja” discovered reference to a book contending that the scene was not intended to include a shoe loss but when filming, she lost one shoe. So they added in a scene where she loses the other one so she would not be one shod, but totally barefoot. It was a cheap production obviously. In 1990 remake of the same movie, same details, only here she loses one shoe, and kicks off the other while running. Same amount of screen time and some nice close-ups, too.

Droppedits One-Show Scenes in Movies and TV (via Reddit)