Man On Wire 2 – Philippe Petit does it again!

Mein Film des Jahres 2008 war „Man on Wire“, dem ich bei den Filmfreunden völlig zurecht fünf Sterne gab. Darin ging es um Philippe Petit und seine komplett wahnsinnige Aktion, während der er in den Siebzigern ein Drahtseil zwischen den Twin Towers spannte und darauf einen Seiltanz aufführte. Alles geheim, alles illegal, alles ganz fantastisch.

Nachdem der Film international ziemlich erfolgreich war, hagelt es bei ihm Anfragen, nach denen er seine Aktionen doch bitte wiederholen soll. Und er wird! Snip von der New York Times:

The stealth preparations made the walk a compelling subject in the film “Man on Wire,” which won an Oscar for best documentary feature this year. While on stage at the ceremony, Mr. Petit balanced the Oscar statue on his nose; it was unscripted and unannounced.

But Mr. Petit’s next walk will not be a surprise.

Here’s the spoiler: Mr. Petit says he will perform a high-wire walk in the fall in Midtown Manhattan. It will be high, it will be long, and it will be outdoors in a very recognizable location that he does not want revealed quite yet — arrangements are not final.

Mr. Petit’s Oscar success brought him heaps of mainstream recognition for his unparalleled career as an artistic daredevil, but it has also filled his wire-walking calendar.

He says he spent years preparing for the stunt at the World Trade Center, for which he was immediately arrested.

But there is no need for illegal wire walks these days.

The offers are pouring in from officials all over the world, and Mr. Petit says he is obliging and working three hours a day on a practice wire. The walk in Manhattan is to be one in a series across the country, to raise awareness for literacy.

Same Man, New Wire and a Secret Midtown Venue (via Kottke)