Beatles on a Ukulele: Kids singen „Yellow Submarine“

Über das Projekt „The Beatles complete on a Ukulele“ habe ich schon vor einer Weile gebloggt, der neue Track „Yellow Submarine“ ist allerdings ein ziemlicher Hammer, deshalb nochmal: Roger und Dave wollen alle 185 Beatles-Songs bis zur Abschlußfeier der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London covern. Zu „Yellow Submarine“ haben sie aufgeschrieben, warum die Fab Four für die Ewigkeit sind:

The Beatles are the entry-level drug to happiness. Happiness is a hard habit to get into. Suffering has quite a constituency. I say fuck Buddha, fuck prayer, fuck meditation, put on a Beatles song and keep calm and carry on. So much of what adults say to children is punishment, “No, stop, be quiet, you’re bad, you pooped your pants,”

But the Beatles never say that. They make cartoons about submarines. They stand for love and non-conformity. They do not obey. They believe that the most intelligent social unit is the individual, or in their case, four individuals closely cooperating. They are not big on cops or armies. The villains in the Yellow Submarine movie are of course “Blue Meanies.”

013 - Yellow Submarine - The Fort Greene Childrens Choir (Age 7 and Under Section), MP3