Kunst aus Hautkrankheit

Ariana Page Russell hat eine Hautkrankheit, durch die ihre Haut bei einem sanften Kratzer anschwillt. Damit ist sie in der Lage, auf ihre Haut zu schreiben und zu malen, die Schwellung besteht für ungefähr fünf Minuten, in der Zeit fotografiert sie die Arbeiten, die mittlerweile für bis zu 4500$ in Galerien verkauft werden. Bodypaintings aus Hautkrankheit, das hat was.

Miss Russell said: "I use my skin as a canvas. People think it is pretty weird. They think it is beautiful or interesting, or they think it is pretty disgusting, gross and painful.

"Some people can't get past the idea of pain, no matter how many times I tell them it doesn't hurt. I can just feel a sensation on my skin. It feels a little warm.

"I think it is fun to be able to draw on myself. I like it."

Miss Russell, who lives in New York, said she did not even realise she had dermatographia until a doctor diagnosed the condition five years ago, but she had already become interested in using skin as art.

Dermatographia is though to be caused by cells in the surface of the skin releasing histamines under the slightest pressure. This causes the skin to swell up in an allergic-type reaction, similar to hives.

Ariana Page Russell: The human Etch A Sketch (via Arbroath)