Star Wars – A Musical Journey hatte am Freitag Premiere in London, Video zur begleitenden Ausstellung

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David Iskra berichtet für von der Premiere von „Star Wars – A Musical Journey“ (vorher auf Nerdcore: Star Wars Oper) am Freitag in der Londoner O2-Arena. Für die BBC hat er jetzt ein Video von der begleitenden Ausstellung gedreht: Exclusive tour of Star Wars show. Snip von

Lucasfilm and Another Planet Entertainment have something special on their hands and they are taking every step necessary to make sure that the powerful performance we saw at the Elstree rehearsals is recreated this Friday at the premiere.

The giant LED screen is truly a sight to behold and the orchestra is a gathering of raw talent that has to be seen (and heard!) to be believed. You may think you know the soundtracks, but trust me, you haven't heard them like this.

Throw in goldenrod himself, Mr. Anthony Daniels, along with an exhibit full of Star Wars history, and you've got a night on the town unlike anything you've ever experienced.

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