Acht fantastisch-lustige Anti-Pirate-Videos

(Youtube Direktpirates, via Phlow, Netzpolitik)

Das hier ist nur eines von acht superlustigen Anti-Piraterie-Commercials, die der Guardian herausgekramt hat. Dieses hier behauptet tatsächlich, Piraten würden die Gesellschaft zerstören und Terrorismus unterstützen. Und „cool is copyright“. Yeah. Snip vom Guardian:

Don't touch the hot stuff, 2004: This guy bears more than passing resemblance to Beelzebub (freeloaders go to hell?). The Advertising Standards Authority got a complaint that this sizzling commercial's claims "piracy funds terrorism" and "piracy ... will destroy our society" were exaggerated "and caused undue fear and distress". FACT admitted it could not substantiate its claims because it's evidence was "confidential" - but the ASA agreed with it anyway and rejected the complaint. Yes, the voiceover really does say "cool is copyright".

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