Fotokampagne für Make Trade Fair: Celebrities mit Zeugs übergossen


Auf der Kampagnenseite von Make Trade Fair gibt es haufenweise hochauflösende Shots von Promis, die sich mit Zeugs begießen lassen. Das da oben in Radioheads Thom Yorke in Schokolade, aufgenommen von Greg Williams, und er meint zu Schoki:

How sweet does your chocolate taste when you know the producer in a country you will never see did not even get paid enough to feed his family? How sweet does it taste when you see the amount of profit a few multinational corporations make on it? How sweet does it taste, exactly, to know our own governments prevent these countries from ever getting off their knees & from ever being able to compete and get PAID, erecting barriers and then DUMPING on them from a great height whilst feigning concern? How delicious it is to know that sweet taste in your mouth is one of slavery, a nice new economic model? As it melts in your mouth, how sweet does your chocolate taste, now you know the suffering that it took to get to you?

Celebrity Dumping Pictures (via xFuckerx)