Asimo-Roboter controlled by Brainz!

Okay, Terminator ist grade eben ein kleines bisschen wahrscheinlicher geworden. Honda hat eine Gehirn-Fernsteuerung für den Asimo-Roboter entwickelt. Snip:


Honda has developed new brain-machine interface (BMI) technology that allows humans to control the Asimo humanoid robot simply by thinking certain thoughts.

The BMI system, which Honda developed along with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation, consists of a sensor-laden helmet that measures the user’s brain activity and a computer that analyzes the thought patterns and relays them as wireless commands to the robot.

When the user simply thinks about moving his or her right hand, the pre-programmed Asimo responds several seconds later by raising its right arm. Likewise, Asimo lifts its left arm when the person thinks about moving their left hand, it begins to walk when the person thinks about moving their legs, and it holds its hand up in front of its mouth when the person thinks about moving their tongue.

Asimo robot controlled by human thought

[update] Hier ein Video mit Experimenten am Brain-Robot-Interface.

(Dailymotion Direktasimo, via Botropolis)