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Es ist mal wieder an der Zeit, Josh Keyes zu verlinken, letztes mal ist lange her und seitdem gibt es jede Menge neuer Gemälde. Josh Keyes ist immer noch einer meiner Lieblingsmaler, verbindet Geometrie, Räumlichkeit und die Klarheit der 3D-Ästhetik mit Wildlife, Streetart und der Abandoned-Meme. Unbedingt alles anschauen auf seiner Seite, brillante Arbeiten. The Brilliance hatte vor einer Weile ein Interview mit ihm, Snip:

TB! > Your work is amazing. I've actually had a few people describe it as bizarre and creepy. I guess I would kind of agree...but it's those things in a good way. How would you describe your work?

JK! > Thank you. The work is bizarre and creepy, that is how I feel about the world these days. The ideas behind the work are a combination of personal experiences and public, political, environmental concerns. Many pieces/images are like pages from a diary, others are direct response to the headlines in today's newspaper. Sometimes these ideas fuse into a singular expression. An example would be the recent series of paintings I made titled "Sleeping". The paintings are a gut response to a number of articles I have recently read on the topic of global warming and the devastating effect it is having on the polar bear population due to the melting ice and gradual disintegration of the bear's hunting grounds. I find this terrifying, and it made me very sad. At the time I was developing this idea, I received news that a friend of mine had passed away. I was struck by an idea of a sleeping polar bear lying peacefully at the bottom of the ocean. For me the idea and imagery brings together both of these concerns and gives expression to the feelings I have.

My work continues to evolve and grow and echo's the events in my life and in the world around me. I think of the work as an imaginary world or story that is based in reality. The work appears to me toy-like, with Rube Goldberg moments. The surrounding whit space serves for me a place where you can breathe and work with the imagery and information in the painting. They are images to be thought about, not in terms of a mathematical problem, but in terms of poetry, something that never closes and remains open to interpretation. I hope that answers your question.

Josh Keyes Link (via Design is kinky), Interview auf The Brilliance

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