Interview mit Sergey Steblina, Illustratorin von Tentakelsuppen und Roboter-Insekten


Mein Buddy und Mitbewohner Jeriko hat ein Interview mit Sergey Steblina, Illustrator von Tentakelsuppen und Roboter-Insekten.

Jeriko: Your portfolio shows four “robotic” insects which immediately caught my attention, is there a particular story or background behind them?

Sergey: There is practical idea behind them: I wanted to compete with myself and draw one illustration per day, day by day. The day before I saw some robotic artworks, don’t remember where and some “Organics In Nature” book on my shelf. So, I’ve just combined two ideas.

Jeriko: Your Flickr-Profile has a focus on photography, however the pictures show a wide variety of different objects/persons. How would you describe your style?

Sergey: I try to explore my imagintaion, take photos of what I like, to explore my taste and vision. I’m in love with Lomography. Always take a compact camera with me everywhere I go. But for some reason I’ve bought Canon EOS Mark II to compare different styles. I have no background in photoshooting, and have no person to help me out, to guide or advice something. And I see no style or personal taste in my photos. I am falling down too much, make huge mistakes in photography, trying to catch my style. I am studying it.

Interview: Sergey Steblina