Die New York Times über Leute, die sich Captain Kirks Chefsessel ins Wohnzimmer stellen


Die New York Times hat einen schönen Artikel über Geeks, die sich Captain Kirks Chefsessel ins Wohnzimmer stellen. Ich als eher Lichtschwertlastiger Mensch würde ja Darth Vaders, hm, Isoglocke bevorzugen, die schon Thema dieses Youtube-Klassikers war. Anyway, hier die Kirks:

Serious Trekkies have long fashioned copies of their favorite costumes and props, and, back in the ’70s and ’80s, a few even put together homemade knockoffs of the captain’s chair, using reference materials like the “Starfleet Technical Manual” and “U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Blueprints.”

But lately fans like Mr. Veazie have been building or buying more sophisticated versions of the command module from which James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, ordered “Ahead, warp factor six.” Moreover, they are making them the centerpiece of their homes, thus conquering what is for them a final frontier of domestic décor.

At a moment when yet another movie is about to present yet another revamped Enterprise (this one claiming to be the original vessel of the young Kirk, Spock and McCoy), these traditionalists are holding their ground.

Getting Their Kirk On (via MeFi)