Illustration: James Jirat Patradoon

Ich liebe die Comic-Style Illustrationen von James Jirat Patradoon, Design Federation hat ein kleines Interview mit ihm.

If you joined the X-Men, what would your special power be?
I would want to be Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man so I could have a sweatshop of James Patradoons pumping out artworks and comics and essays, because if you want anything done right you have to do it yourself. I would delegate tasks from the couch, in-between mouthfuls of Doritos.

Can you let us in on any trade secrets?
When it comes to artist block, and you are stressed out and anxious all the time and there is a deadline and you just can’t get into ‘the zone’ no matter how many coffees you may have had, just leave. Go see a movie. Go driving. Meet a friend. Get drunk. Have a nap. Do anything other than sit in front of the computer or easel or whatever. Just don’t think about it.

Jirat Patradoon, Interview auf Design Federation (via Design you trust)