Rolling Stones „Cocksucker Blues“ komplett online

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Hier der bis heute nicht veröffentlichte und nur als Bootleg erhältliche Stones-Film „Cocksucker Blues“, der die Jungs beim Koksen und Orgienfeiern zeigt („watch everybody snort coke & shoot heroin, marvel at Bobby Keyes and Keith Richard as they toss a TV off their hotel balcony (first they check to see no one's below), leer as Mick Jagger rubs his dink through his pants, then undoes them and gets his hand in for a better feel, gasp as a girl trying to get into the concert complains her baby was taken from her because she's always on acid“). Da der Film nur sehr wenige Konzertaufnahmen der Tour von 1972 zeigt, hat Metafilter einen kompletten Gig auf Youtube rekonstruiert. Culturecourt hat ein Review des Bootlegs von „Cocksucker Blues“.

Here's the scene: the Stones have not visited the US since the 1969 disaster of Altamont -- also immortalized by the Brothers Maysles in the tour/performance flick Gimmie Shelter -- and the group is riding high and hard on the success of their definitive album, Exile On Main Street. Myth-mad Mick, despite the surprisingly frank shots of Gimmie Shelter, decides to do the film thing one more time and enlists the talent of famous photog/filmmaker Robert Frank (he shot the pix on the Exile album cover, and shot a brutal documentary on madness, called Me and My Brother). [...]

Shot cinema verite, docurocku style, Cocksucker Blues is a pinball machine of images -- soft, warm, harsh, exploitive, funny, sad, boring, stupid and smart, jammed with images of excessive hard drug taking, nodding-off Stones, roadies fucking groupies, backstage parties, naked women, heroin shoot-ups, and, yes, some great concert footage. It was, however, so over the top that the Stones banned its release and obtained a court injunction against its distribution. Cinematographer Frank finally got the rights to screen the flick once a year, but one can only obtain this movie on video in bootleg form.

Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, commenting on Cocksucker Blues, called it "definitely one of the best movies about rock and roll I've ever seen. . . . It makes you think being a rock and roll star is one of the last things you'd ever want to do." Amen to that. One has the feeling these guys are soldiers, waiting for the next battle, the next opportunity to feel alive. In the meantime, there's the tedium, confusion, boredom, and good old angst & ennui of being locked into a big money, big stadium, big everything rock tour.

Cocksucker Blues - Drugs, Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll (and drugs & more sex)