Obamas next step 3D-Twitter-Motionrecorder-Dingsbums

06.03.2009 Fun Misc #Obama

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Obama macht den Next-Step-Twitter und schreibt nicht mehr in 140 Zeichen auf, was er grade macht, sondern zeichnet seine komplette Präsidentschaft in 3D per Motiontracking auf. Demnächst rennen wir wahrscheinlich alle so rum. (Obama macht das natürlich nicht, weil es wiedermal eine hervorragende Satire von The Onion ist.)

In what is being hailed as a breakthrough in the field of historical record-keeping, the National Archives announced Monday that it would immediately begin outfitting Barack Obama's chest, limbs, and face with an array of motion capture sensors for use in preserving a 3-D account of his time as president.

"The presidency of Mr. Obama is truly a landmark event, and I can think of no better way to honor it than with this $2.5 billion advanced digital-imaging project," acting archivist Adrienne Thomas told reporters. "Not only will our sensors provide unprecedented moment-to-moment documentation of a sitting U.S. president, but they will also give the American people the breathtaking realism and seamless layer animation they have come to expect."

According to sources at the National Archives, Obama will spend the next four years in a custom-made, lycra-and-neoprene bodysuit, featuring 238 reflective "marker balls," which will instantly relay trillions of bytes of information to a central computer in Centennial, CO.

Obama Outfitted With 238 Motion Capture Sensors For 3-D Record Of Presidency (via Motionographer)