Man From Atlantis-Comic


Diversions of the groovy kind hat die komplette erste Ausgabe des Comics zu Fernsehserie „Man From Atlantis“ mit Patrick Duffy als Fischmensch. Hier noch das Intro zur Serie.

There is a little footnote in the saga of Mark Harris. A nearly-forgotten comicbook series produced by Marvel Comics called, oddly enough, Man from Atlantis! Marvel's MfA comic ran a staggering seven issues (November, 1977-May, 1978). Written by Bill Mantlo and drawn by Frank Robbins (except for the first story in the first issue), MfA the comic didn't exactly set the world on fire, either. I think the main thing that bugged me (and a whole lot of other Marvelites) was the fact that Marvel was doing a licensed comic about a man from Atlantis, while letting their very own, original Man from Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner languish in guest-appearances. Yeah, he was appearing regularly in the Invaders, but he didn't have a series of his own. And here's this Mark Harris-come-lately taking his place.

The Man from Atlantis #1