NASAs Massive Multiplayer Online Game „Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond“


Das hier hatte ich grade in die Links gepackt, es ist aber tatsächlich zu cool, um dort zu verschimmeln. Die NASA plant ein Futurism-Space-Simulator-MMO, oder so ähnlich. Ein WoW in Space mit NASA-Zeugs, als Astronaut auf dem Mond rumspazieren und mit anderen Onlinern Planeten erforschen. Näher werde ich dem Weltraum wohl nie kommen, das wird so cool. Das Spiel soll nächstes Jahr (2010, auch der zweite Teil von „2001“ übrigens) erscheinen.

"This game is going to be a fresh look at the future circa about 2035," said Heneghan. "This is a huge opportunity for us as a development team to leverage the work of brilliant NASA scientists who are creating the technology, systems and procedures of tomorrow and really pump up the cool factor so that game players can experience something that hasn't been possible before."

Taking a page from America's Army a free online game that Virtual Heroes has worked on, Heneghan said the NASA MMO game will be released in modular parts. This fall will see the first playable demo of the game and then next year the first episodic installment of the game will launch.

Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond will be a 'first-person-exploration' game that will also include traditional role-playing game (RPG) elements for both single-player and team-based space exploration, but with a realistic twist. Everything in the game will be crafted based on real NASA technology, as well as on prototypes from esteemed academic institutions for the next generation of robotics, spacecraft, spacesuits and space habitation.

"The core of the gameplay is going to be people building up their characters and as you move forward, you will have more options unlock with new places to go, new equipment to use and new things to do," explained Heneghan. "We are not so much focused on interstellar flight and all that entails... the gameplay is actually about being in a habitat on a planetary surface and doing things like mining Helium-3 for fuel, operating a hydroponics facility to grow plants and create oxygen and operating robots and vehicles"

First look at NASA's Unreal Engine 3 based MMO (via /.)