Human Candles – The Incredible Burning Melting Man

26.02.2009 Misc #Anatomy #Art

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Walter Martin und Paloma Muñoz haben diese lebensgroßen Kerzen in Menschengestalt für die Kunstaktion „Human Candles“ 1996 gemacht. Kennt jemand den Film „The Incredible Melting Man“? Das hier sind the incredible burning melting man and woman! Fuck, yeah!

We cast ourselves as candles in a mixture of beeswax and parafine with a wick running through the center from head to feet. We lit the candles at the beginning of our show in PPOW Gallery and we let the candles burn and run their course throughout the exhibition. Our candle bodies slowly melted away for the duration of the show.

Human Candles (via Street Anatomy)