Japanese Illustration-Mashup-Madness


Ken Tayas Illustration „Nihon Town“ masht westliche und asiatische Popkultur in einer einzigen, großen Illu-Mashup-Sammlung. Mit dabei unter anderem: Tokyo Plastic, Danny Choo aka Tokyo Dance Trooper, Garfield, Noodle von den Gorillaz und Astro Boy mit Mickey Mouse-Ohren. Im Blog von Taya steht eine Liste aller 95 verwursteten Pop-Ikonen.

47) Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant was based off of Andre the Giant. The Japanese version of Andre is Giant Baba, who also suffered from Gigantism. The kanji characters read Oubei Baba, where Oubei means Western, and sounds like Obey.

48) The kanji for Enfu is adorned here.

49) Mish: Combination of Meat and Fish. T-bone steak and salmon steak. Also contrasting two cultures which heavily promote these industries.

50) Hummer: Deceptacon. It’s a military vehicle remade for normal commuting. Consumes gas like nothing else, spitting out money from its exhaust.

51) Budweiser and Yebisu.

Nihon Town in High Res auf Flickr, Nihon Town entschlüsselt (via Pink Tentacle)