C64 Unboxing


Toms Hardware hat eine tolle Slideshow mit oller C64-Hardware in der Originalverpackung. Der C64 II oben ist genau der, den ich auch hatte.

The successor to the "Breadbox"--the Commodore C64C, also known as the Commodore C64 II--became available in 1986. It sold in Germany for around 400 DM (about $200 in the US). When it made its original market debut in March 1983, the original C64 was priced at 1500 DM ($599 in the US). At the time this was a huge sum for schoolkids or college students, to which they had to add the cost of an external floppy drive (about 1100 DM or $360 in the US) and a color monitor. Most users opted instead to use their color TV sets as monitors, using the HF antenna output on the C64. The best video, however, was generally produced using a composite video link between the C64's A/V output and a TV set.

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