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30 Years of Star Wars – Fanmade Doku

(Youtube Direktstarwars, via IZ Reloaded)

Das hier ist Todd Stantons halbstündige Star Wars-Dokumentation, die sein Leben mit Lichtschwertern Revue passieren lässt, inklusive tonnenweise Toys und Merchandising-Krempel. So ein bisschen wie Fanboys in echt, oder so ähnlich. Oben der erste Teil, Teil Zwei und Drei nach dem Snip von Youtube:

Since 1977, Todd Stanton has always been a fan of Star Wars. From his youthful days of trading cards to his adult years of DVDs, the 6 films has always been a part of his life.

30 Years of Star Wars is his documentary of a lifelong franchise some have called „this generation’s Beatles“.

Come join Todd Stanton, along with many of his friends, to a galaxy far, far away and re-experience his journey of the last three decades through an amazing collection of multimedia history.

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