Official Watchmen Condoms

Hier ein paar Gummis, die Marketing-Damen am Valentinstag in Ohio verteilten. Wenn das neonblaue Kondom einem Dr.Manhattans Superpower verleiht, kann man seinen Penis teleportieren und Dinge in seine Atome zerlegen, indem man mit seinem Johannes darauf zielt. Watchmen Kondome! I mean, hey: Watchmen Kondome!

A source told that he and his friends were “handed a few of these Watchmen condoms in Columbus, Ohio over Valentine’s Day weekend.”

The condoms come in a package that resembles a matchbook with the iconic blood-stained smiley badge on the front, and the film’s name and release date on the back.

When opened, the neon blue colored condom is presented in a clear plastic wrapper with the tagline, “We’re society’s only protection.”

Society’s Only Protection (via Topless Robot)