The Pirate Bays Spectrial - Links und Live-Streams

Heute beginnt der Prozess gegen The Pirate Bay. Das da oben sieht zwar nicht aus, wie ein Livestream aus dem Gericht, soll aber einer sein. Weshalb ich ihn eingebettet habe. Mehr Update-Möglichkeiten gibt es hier, hier das Trial-Blog von The Pirate Bay (lädt derzeit nicht), dieser Artikel auf TPBeng wird ständig aktualisiert, hier die Suche nach dem Hashtag #spectrial (Mashup aus Spectacle und Trial) für Tweets, hier alle Feeds auf und Janko Röttgers hat auf Newteevee nochmal grundsätzlich aufgeschrieben, worum es geht. Nämlich den P2P-Prozess des Jahrzehnts.

The Times of London has dubbed it the “Internet piracy trial of the decade,” and the Pirate Bay’s staff and supporters have planed an ongoing spectacle in front of the courthouse, involving, among other things, a brass band, rallies and an old bus that will be used as a press center.

But what is the case really about? Who are the people involved, what can we expect to happen in court, and what’s at stake in case of a guilty verdict? For our definitive primer, read on:

What is the Pirate Bay? Good question, actually. Most people know the Pirate Bay’s web site, which lists torrents for countless movies, TV show episodes, albums, applications and other digital loot. Those torrent files are used as a starting point for BitTorrent-based file swapping, which means that the Hollywood flicks in question are transmitted straight from one user’s hard disk to another.

A perhaps lesser known but equally important part of the Pirate Bay’s infrastructure are its tracker servers. These help users to facilitate these BitTorrent file transfers by telling them which user has which part of the movie they want. These tracker servers currently connect around 23 million concurrent users from all over the world and facilitate the sharing of more than 1.6 million torrents. Each torrent can link to multiple files, such as all the MP3s of an entire album, which means the Pirate Bay’s users are transferring many millions of files at any given time.

The Definitive Primer to the Pirate Bay Trial (via Netzpolitik)