Smiling Robot

16.02.2009 Misc #Cute #Robots

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(Youtube Direktsmiley, via Botropolis)

Hier ein Roboter, der Fotos von sich selbst macht und dabei lächelt. Normalerweise creepen Roboter, die lächeln oder versuchen, wie Menschen zu agieren, the shit out of me (merken: Endlich mal den „Warum ich gerne Denglisch schreibe“-Artikel schreiben). Aber dieser lächelnde Camera-Bot ist herrlich albern und würde wunderbar in einen Warner Cartoon mit Bugs Bunny passen. Das Robot-Äquivalent von Daffy Duck, oder so. Smile!

As written earlier here in my blog, I am trying to make a robot that will take snapshots of itself.

I have made some laser guiding system (I think), and some cool docking so it can hook up a trailer with a camera on.

However, I figured that if the robot is taking pictures of itself, it should be able to smile to the camera :)

What is on the tiny shot is just how I think I managed to get a smile from a robot, interestingly to me, it appears that most animatronics either strive to look like a robot, look like something mean, or look human / natural. I wonder why noone (aparently) thought of ways to make them things just.. smile :D

Smile, Mr Robot :)