Chris Morrow interviewt seinen Vater James, Autor von „Shambling Towards Hiroshima“ – Godzillawerwolfmonstermadness galore!

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Chris Morrow interviewt seinen Vater James, Autor von „Shambling Towards Hiroshima“. Und der erzählt von Monstern, Godzilla, Mutanten und Lon Chaney Jr. als The Wolfman. Snip von Amazon über das Buch, hört sich definitiv nach etwas an, das ich lesen sollte.

In the tradition of Godzilla as both a playful romp and a parable of the dawn of the nuclear era, this original satire blends the destruction of World War II with the halcyon pleasure of monster movies. In the summer of 1945 war is reigning in the Pacific Rim, while in the U.S. Syms Thorley continues his life as a B-movie actor. But the U.S. Navy would like to use Thorley in their top-secret Knickerbocker Project, putting the finishing touches on the ultimate biological weapon: a breed of gigantic, fire-breathing, mutant iguanas.

Thorley is to don a rubber suit that will transform him into the merciless Gorgantis and star in a film that simulates the destruction of a miniature Japan - if the demonstration succeeds, the Japanese will surrender, sparing thousands of lives; if it fails, the mutant lizards will be unleashed. Godzilla devotees and history buffs alike will be fascinated by this conspiratorial secret history of a war, a weapon, and an unlikely hero who will have to give the most convincing performance of his life.

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