Leang Lavs handmade Books: Interview

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Das noch ziemlich frische (glaube ich) Blog Diskursdisko hat ein sehr interessantes Interview mit der Buchkünstlerin Leang Lav, die handgemachte Bücher voller Illustrationen und spooky Remixen von Märchen herstellt (vorher auf Nerdcore: Leang Lavs handgemachte Bücher). Ihr Hintergrund ist noch herzerwärmender, als ihre Kunst.

Ich habe ja auch noch gelernt, wie man Bücher selbst macht und ich weiß, wie gut sich ein selbst hergestelltes Buch anfühlt (der Geruch! der Leim! das Papier!). Vielleicht ist das eine der Traditionen, die nicht aussterben sollten, denn Bücher sind gemessen an Amazon Kindles extrem sexy. Print ist aber trotzdem tot, zumindest im klassischen Modell. Da können die Verlage machen, was sie wollen. Snip aus dem Interview:

Diskursdisko: Hi Lang. To start things off, what’s your background? When did you start doing illustrations/artwork?

Lang Leav: The earliest memories I have of drawing are in my dad’s surgery, where I’d spend most of my time. I would draw little girls and write the letter ‘P’on their chests. ‘P’ stood for Princess. I had a very strict upbringing where my parents aimed to shut out as much outside influence as possible. My reading material was restricted to Encyclopedias and I was rarely allowed to watch TV. So I learnt from an early age that I could escape the monotony by creating my own fantasy worlds through drawing and writing.

Diskursdisko: How do you produce your art?

Lang Leav: I like to stay away from the computer as much as possible but it is a very useful tool. I use it mainly to quickly to sketch a rough outline of how I want my artworks to sit. I also do colour studies using photoshop. I tend to use more traditional methods. I love producing work that looks like it has been touched by human hands. In particular, I am fond of pastel pencils and charcoal. I have experimented with many different mediums over the years but these are my favourite.

Interview: Lang Leav (Danke Vincent)

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