Rime sprüht seinen Hund an einen Trailer voller Hunde

(Vimeo Direktrime, via Juxtapoz)

Im Mai 2008 schickte Patty Mayo per Youtube eine Nachricht an Rime aka Jersey Joe, Graffiti-Künstler aus Los Angeles. Er solle doch bitte seinen pissenden Hund an ihren Trailer sprühen, in dem sie aktuell acht herrenlose Hunde beherbergt und in dem sie schon 200 andere Hunde verpflegt hatte. Rime flog hin, malte und dieses Video erzählt die Geschichte. Das Video ist voller tanzendem und musizierendem White Trash, Graffiti, Bier, Barbecue und Breakdance. Awesome!

On May 22, 2008 a 50-something year-old woman by the name of Patty Mayo sent out a desperate plea over YouTube. Her cries echoed through cyber space, receiving over 8,000 hits in just 2 days. Her wish was simple: for her favorite graffiti artist, Rime aka Jersey Joe, to paint a peeing dog on the side of her trailer.

This was no ordinary trailer. During the last 10 years it has housed over 200 rescue dogs, abandoned and rescued, and is currently home to eight.

Touched by Patty's heartfelt message, Rime booked a flight and headed back to the armpit of America: New Jersey. Now for the first time the public is invited to witness the event unfold.

Music by Uncle Gary, Jay Ripper, beats from Mr. Green's album "Green Future," and from Fred Strife.