Powell/Peraltas The Ripper Art-Show


„The Ripper“ ist wahrscheinlich das ikonographischste Skate-Visual ever. Am 23. Januar haben Powell und Peralta eine Ausstellung eröffnet, die die Arbeiten von 58 Künstlern zeigt, die den Ripper mit ihrem Strich interpretiert haben. Und alle Arbeiten sind online, yay! Oben die Interpretation von Kevin Marburg namens „r1pp3r“.

The Ripper was created by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson(VCJ) in 1978. It was developed over a period of about six months, during which the basic concept of a skull breaking through a barrier evolved through a number of evolutions, each of which simplified and strengthened the basic image. It was purposely undertaken as a follow up to the tremendous success of Court’s first graphic, the Skull and Sword, which had been drawn for our first pro skater, Ray Rodriguez, the year before.

When Court undertook the development of the Skull and Sword, he started with only a scribble on the back of a matchbook we received from Ray. It didn’t really look like a skull and sword, but that’s what Ray said it was, so we believed him, and Court set out to make it look a little more like one.

Rip The Ripper Art Show – The Pieces (via BoingBoing)