Peter Carrs fantastische Giant Spider-Fotografien


Bostons Big Picture hat Fotos von Peter Carr, der fantastische Fotos der letztjährigen Performance von La Machine in Liverpool geschossen hat, während der eine Riesenspinne durch die Stadt lief (vorher auf Nerdcore: Die gigantische 15-Meter-Spinne von Liverpool, Die gigantische Spinne von Liverpool [2]). Auf seiner Website gibt es noch ein paar weitere Bilder.

As part of Liverpool's Capital of Culture year, the French group La Machine were commissioned to create a large piece of street theatre, on the scale of their earlier work, the Sultan's Elephant. Many were expecting to see something using the iconic Liverbirds, the symbol of the city but instead we got a spider. The total cost of the event was £1.8 million and caused some complaints about how the funds could better be used. It also attracted protests from arachnophobe groups about how it would terrify some people.

La Princesse in Liverpool