Sexy SciFi-Babes: Nerdcore-Kalender Interview

08.02.2009 Misc #Nerdism #Sexy

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Ain't it Cool News hat ein Interview mit Jon M. Gibson und Chris Carle, den Machern des Nerdcore-Kalenders (der sowas von leider gar nichts mit mir zu tun hat). Im Kalender stellen sexy Mädchen die Poster von SciFi-Klassikern nach und neben dem Interview gibt es noch zwei neue, mir nicht bekannte Motive. Das da oben ist natürlich Star Wars.

Monki: The first year of Nerdcore was Videogame-themed, then Superheroes. Why go to Sci-Fi this year?

Chris Carle: Sci-fi screams nerd, first off. Sure, you have your 20-sided die nerds and your "Batman could never beat Superman in a fight" nerds, but sci-fi is a very special slice of nerdvana. The dudes who are into science fiction are committed and particular and smart and very cool for all of those reasons, so we wanted to give them - and us, we count ourselves in the ranks of sci-fi nerds - the ultimate calendar. It's something we are really into, it's something we knew our fans would be into, and in the third year, it was something we could finally do. There is actual CG in this calendar, which is something we could not have made happen with the two previous calendars. It was time. And HAL told us to do it.

Monki strokes the fur to NERDCORE - NSFW!!! (Danke Evilnerd!)

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