Cheech and Chong reunited

(Youtube Direktcheechchong)

Die New York Times hat einen schönen Artikel über Cheech und Chongs Reunion-Tour. Im Video oben für Best Story Ever erzählen sie ein paar Knast-Storys, um die es auch im Artikel geht, weil Tommy Chong online Bongs verkaufte. Apropos Bongs: Hier ein Posting von Core77 bezüglich Bong-Design. Jedenfalls... worum ging's nochmal?

The tour, which has been extended into the summer, has also provided them with a platform to point out the differences between stoner culture, which Mr. Marin and Mr. Chong say is enduring and once again in vogue, and hippie culture, of which they want no part.

“The hippies were designed to upset the establishment,” Mr. Chong said. “Stoners were the guys that wanted to get high first. And then if they had the energy, they would upset the establishment. Maybe not.”

Hey, Man. Where Have You Guys Been? (via Digg)