Superflex Art Collective

(Youtube Direktburner, via Notcot)

Superflex sind ein Künstler-Kollektiv aus Kopenhagen, Dänemark, die schonmal ein ganzes Auto abfackeln (siehe Video oben), einen Copyshop in Lebensgröße basteln um darin über das Wesen der Kopie im 21. Jahrhundert zu diskutieren oder ein McDonalds „Restaurant“ lebensecht nachbauen und fluten. Zur McDoof-Aktion hat Dont Panic ein kleines Interview:


DP: McDonald's are a popular target for abuse, but you intended this to be funny right?

BG: Originally, the idea was not to be fun. But when it came to working with the elements it became amusing, the Ronald Mcdonald, The ‘wet floor' sign. Fries and ketchup become characters. We tried to let the film happen as it happened, very fluid (hahaha). We focus on different details, but we didn't try to control.

DP: What real fears are you voicing with this?

BG: First of all, we tried to make it very open to interpretation. These cultures portrayed are more about consumerism than McDonald's. But they capture a global image and the kind of blind behaviourism that damages people. Also the possible consequences of our lifestyles - flooding, garbage everywhere, way too many fat people. We also encourage people to take responsibility. Look at your own role in bringing about catastrophe.

DP: Why do apocalypse fantasies appeal to people so much?

BG: Each of us dream scenarios, but we need images to respond to. Apocalyptic situations are fascinating. When we created the burning car exhibit it was a satire on media depictions of disasters. Whenever there was a riot they would show these burnt out cars. It became a symbol of disorder. We try to dig into the Hollywood versions, but use them too. Cheap sensationalism and fantastic images.

Flooding McDonalds